Wednesday, 10 November 2010

One big weekend...

We’re moving house this weekend, so the kitchen cupboards are close to empty. This is proving hard without bread to rely on for snacks and quick tea times. Moving, having no oven/microwave/electricity has proven hard to avoid an easy sandwich this weekend.

My drunken Hen Do confession post (see below) was from Saturday, a simple and slurred confession, but lacking in detail. Let me update you, so you know I'm not cheating...

We enjoyed a nice buffet lunch on a farm, with games and pampering, and then the 6 of us went out to the Haha Grill for dinner and ­­cocktails. I had hot beef salad. Haha was lovely as always, it never fails, my favourite restaurant.

Sunday – the start of the move. A late breakfast was lunch, easy score there. My house was all packed up, and I headed to Dunstable for the night (where Ciaran lived for one more night). We had dinner out, a delicious roast pork dinner at the new place in Chalk Hill. Lovely, good fuel for the move tomorrow.

Bloat-o-meter: 1/10 - feeling great!

Louise x

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