Friday, 5 November 2010

Day Twelve - Lovely Lunch

My lunch box almost didn't make it to work with me today. With no bread allowed, my lunches are looking more and more tasty each day with the variety of food making it to the cut. I caught Ciaran eyeing up my lunch pack this morning as he was leaving. If I hadn't caught him, I'm sure he would have pinched it for himself!
 Today's lunch:
  • Prawn scampi and dipping sauce (cooked last night, how organised!)
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • A kiwi fruit
  • A lemon curd filled muffin - the best bit today
And Ciaran? What did he get for lunch? I packed him off at 8am with a spare muffin.

Bloat-o-meter: 2/10 - full, but not bloated

Louise x

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