Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Day Eight - Imodium hangover

Monday, Monday...

Today is dedicated to Emily - hello from Milton Keynes!

 There was 2 tubs of cream cheese in the fridge this morning, and in my sleep-dazed state, I took the wrong tub to work with me (Gromit!). So now I have two opened cream cheese pots. The one I took was boring old plain cheese, intended for a jacket potato, not half as enticing as the garlic and herbs one left lonely and already opened in the fridge. Damn. Well, I can foresee many more Ryvita cream cheese lunches on the horizon now!   

Bloat-o-meter: 8/10   - Even reliable Ryvita couldn’t help my Imodium hangover

Louise x

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  1. Thanks Louise - I am flattered! Is this because I am your only follower?! Why is this?!

    Keep up the discipline...but stop eating Ryvitas; I want to see more variation! How about tortilla wraps or something...?x