Friday, 12 November 2010

Day Seventeen - Market Day

Before doing my “top-up” grocery shop, I headed to the Tesco café for lunch. The sandwiches looked delectable, but I plumped for the macaroni cheese option. It was actually pretty good!

On to the shopping, and to the bakery section on my Auto Pilot mode. Boy, did those baguettes look good! I tore myself away and headed off down the shower gel aisle. I needed another scent to distract me. Help! Christmas scents helped me out, spiced apple candles from Glade was in the next aisle, mmmm!!!!

Back to Winslow, where we moved to on Day Fifteen of my challenge, and market was in town. It consists of an olive stand, a butchers, cards and wrapping paper, flowers, veg & fruit, and oh no! Bread! Batches, cottage loaves, crusty loaves, rolls and baps, a bread-free wanderer’s nightmare! I bought some bread. But I won’t have any, promise! Ciaran will find it a hard task to fill his lunch box this week without it. That’s allowed, don’t look at me like that!!!

It might even help with settling into our new domestic bliss. Narky boyfriend the other night, as he couldn’t snack on toast before bed like normal. I offered him a banana instead… He wasn’t impressed!

Bloat-o-meter: 1/10 - getting the hang of this!

Louise x

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