Thursday, 18 November 2010

Day twenty two - Support from the Irish!

My bread-free diet had some advice offered to it today which might have helped lead me off track today:

"Eaten bread is soon forgotten" - an old Irish saying, according to my boyfriend's mum.

Bearing that in mind, last night I went round to Ciaran's mum's house to have dinner to celebrate him starting his new job so successfully. We had spag bol (thanks Ann, always a winner!) and , I ask the question, what is spaghetti bolognaise without garlic bread? Italians world-wide would be turning in their graves!

I was so stuffed from that dinner, it was hard to tell if I was bread-bloated.

BTS - Back Teeth Submerged
TTT - Tummy Touching Table

 It was delicious though, and such a pleasure not having to cook for ourselves!

Bloat-o-meter: 4/10 - I didn't gorge on the garlic bread too much...

Louise x

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