Wednesday 24 November 2010

Challenge complete!

The end of my 30 day bread-free challange!!! Yahoo!!!

Every single one from my Baker's Dozen has been sadly missed. It's been a long month!

However, it's been easier than I expected to not snack on toast, eat sandwiches, or have bread based products. Bread and butter pudding was sadly off the menu this month (my favourite!) but I survived. I found you need to be more organised if you’re avoiding the convenience of sandwiches everyday. It takes planning - cooking, prepping, shopping and thinking ahead.

So, today for lunch I had complete freedom in the form of a bread roll sarnie, having spent my 30 days (pretty much) bread free. What did I throw together? An outstanding, delectable, mouth-watering fish finger roll - and a posh roll at that! It had olives baked into the bread, and I jazzed up the fish fingers with the rest of yesterday's roasted/pickled peppers.


However!!! One hour later, my old friends Bloat and Indigestion came home to roost. See?! Quitting Bread did help my stomach, and the effects were immediate when I returned to a normal diet.

This challenge has done me more good than just health reasons too. I was secretly getting a little stale (!) and bored with sandwiches and their umpteen fillings. The variety I've found on the shelves at Tesco has done me good, and I'm much more inspired now when filling my lunch box.

I think I’ll still have the occasional slice of toast – that’s what I missed most – and a sandwich when there’s nothing inspiring around to eat, or I need an ultra quick snack, but I definitely will continue to find alternatives to bread. Plus, I don't know how many more curries I can attempt to eat without a naan bread. It smells and tastes so good, but this month's sacrifice has made my stomach feel much less bloated for the last month. Success!

Bloat-o-meter: 10/10 - I won't be having a sandwich tomorrow for lunch!

Signing off for the final time... I'm going to miss this blog!

Louise x

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