Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Day Two – Soups You!

Determined not to live on crackers alone for an entire month, I dutifully traded in my bloat-inducing round of ham sandwiches for soup at just after noon today. It was a Buy One Get One Free offer at the store (BOGOF!), so I'll more than likely save one for a cold day next week. I'm glad it’s winter, soup is pretty redundant in the summer, unless you’re sick!

Ok, so I didn't have cream and herbs at the office, but you get the idea!

This soup was a classic - cream of tomato. This flavour always reminds me of freezing cold nights when I was a kid, watching my dad build a huge bonfire on the vegetable patch, or when we went out into the garden for our own private firework display for Guy Fawkes Night. The cold, smokey air, the hard ground beneath my wellie boots. In our thick woolly scarves, and wearing gloves joined with an elastic cord through our winter coat arms (impossible to lose), my siblings and I marvelled from a safe distance at the inferno my dad was creating over the last of his potato crop. Mum brought out litres of cockle-warming tomato soup in flasks and mugs and we stayed out until we couldn't feel our noses or toes any longer.

I don't mind telling you, I was the envy of the whole office today when that scent drifted past my colleagues on the way back from the microwave. Delicious, and I survived totally bloat-free!

Bloat-o-meter: 1/10 - another successful bread-free day  

Louise x

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