Thursday 10 January 2013

Two Years On...

Hey - haven't I seen you here before?!

It's been just over two years since my 'Quitting Bread' challenge, so meanly, wisely, and cunningly set by my sister. I thought I'd drop a quick post to say how I've been doing...

I am completely off bread now. Completely. I had a minor slip in Autumn 2011 when I tested my poor stomach with a celebratory Subway when I completed on a new flat... and paid for it in PAIN. Since then, I have been strictly off the good stuff. 

I was tempted at my best mate's house when she'd made garlic bread. However, when she remembered I can't eat that delicious stuff, she suggested I licked off the garlic butter instead for the taste. We had consumed a bottle of wine by this point...

I continue to feel healthier, have no crazy 10 day periods of hiccups, no stomach pain, and no gastronomical reasons to go to see my GP. Hooray! 

Bread, my love - I miss you.  I always will, but I can't love something that hate me so much in return. Adios!

All the best for 2013.

Lou  x

P.S. I have a new (this week!) travel blog 'Born to be a Tourist' and a writing blog too. Miss Write has been going almost a year now and it's had a great reception. Take a look!

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